Bowen Lineage

The first to assume the Bowen surname in Wales

This is from an old family history my mother was sent by a cousin in the UK. His research, to our knowledge, was not drawn from the lineage of E. C. Bowen which some consider this to be a forged lineage. I am leaving it as we received it, but there is contention amoung some that Richard Bowen who emigrated to Americas in the 1600's was NOT a descendant of James Bowen of Llwyngwair.

For more information on this line of thought see: The forged ancestry of Richard Bowen

Evan Bowen of Ponte Evan was the 1st to assume the surname of Bowen. He married Margaret, daughter of Arnold Cubbertson.

Their son Gwylym Bowen married a daughter of James Ap Einion, Esquire of Caermarthenshire (the county seat is Camarthen).

Their son Owen Bowen, Esquire married Janet, daughter of Harri Ap Llewelyn, Esquire of Gumfreysten.

Their son Sir James Bowen Kt. was appointed Commissioner of Revenue by Henry VIII. (Henry was the second Welsh king and appointed many Welsh nobles to his court). Sir James married Mary, daughter of John Herle, Esquire.

Their son Mathias Bowen of Llwyngwair married Mary, daughter of John Phillips, Esquire of Picton Castle.

Their son James Bowen of Llwyngwair married Eleanor, daughter of John Griffith, Esquire of Richley, Anglesey. They had 10 sons and 7 daughters (George, Owen, Tomas, John, Hew, William, Richard, Tomas, Morgan, Robert...1609) (Yes there was a second Tomas!)

SECOND SON of James and Eleanor's lineage

Their second son, Owen Bowen, married Ellen, daughter of Thomas Lloyd who was High Sheriff of Pembreckeshire, AD 1613. [Thomas Lloyd was the son of John Lloyd of Kilkeffeth, Pembrickeshire. He was High Sheriff, AD 1596]

Owen's son Griffith Bowen - 1st to settle in America

Owen's son Griffith Bowen of Llangwyeld, Glamorgan(shire?) married Mary, daughter of William Rytel of Gent. They, with their son Henry (5 years old) migrated to America in the summer of 1638. They settled on the lot now known as the Liberty Tree Block, Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts and afterward, moved to Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Richard Bowen, eighth SON of James and Eleanor's lineage

I have documentation of the lineage of Richard's Decendants from original and secondary sources for the remainder of those listed. The records do show only that Richards first wife was Ann and not necessarily Ann Bourn, but since Richard followed the Rev. Newman from Weymouth to Rehoboth and there was also a Bourn family there it is a real possibility that they may have emigrated at the same time and kept close family ties.

Their 8th son Richard Bowen of Llyngwair married Ann Bourn. They first settled at Kittle Hill, Glamorganshire, Wales. Than with their children emigrated to America in 1646, finally settling at Rehobeth, Massachusetts. They died and were buried there, Richard in 1675 and Ann also in 1675.

Their (8th?) son Richard Bowen married Esther (or Hester) Sutton on March 4, 1656. Their children were Sarah, Esther, Richard, Mary and John.) Ester died, November 6, 1688. Richard's second wife was Martha Saben. They had no children.

John Bowen was born March 15, 167? And married Elizabeth Bracket on September 12, 17??. Their children were Ester (who died), Elizabeth, Sarah, Ester, John and Thomas.

Thomas Bowen was born August 12?, 1712 and Married Hepsibah Carpenter on June 18, 1735. Their children were Thomas (born 1730), Ames (born 1738), Isaac (born 1740), Ezra, Halda, Hepzibah)

Issac Bowen and Sarah Whitaker

Isaac Bowen was born April 12, 1740 and married Sarah Whitaker on April 25, 1767. Isaac died August 10, 1823 and is now buried in Swan Point Cemetery, Providence, Rhode Island in the part belonging to the Congregational Church. His wife, Sarah Whitaker was born April 26, 1745 and died September 29, 1806. She is also buried in the Swan Point Cemetery.

The Children of Isaac and Sarah were:

Mary Born September 22, 1768. Died April 28, 1847 and is buried in the Swan Point Cemetery

Ezra Born July 4, 1770. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel and Patience Viall on September 18, 1792. Died April 23, 1824 when he washed overboard from the ship "Sarah Ralston" under his command.

Sarah Born November 8, 1772, married to Sam Curree born 1796 and died May 4, 1844

Isaac Born March 15, 1775 and died March 31, 1776

Isaac Born February 8, 1778, married Elizabeth Pollack on December 16, 1804 and died November 17, 1828

Lucy Born May 8, 1780; married to Capt. Edward Yard in Philadelphia on October 22, 1802, died October 27, 1802? in Philadelphia

Samuel Born September 18, 1782, married to Ann Warts in Philadelphia on August 18, 1807 and died in 1811 or 1812

William George Born December 25, 1784, died January 8, 1807 and is buried in Swan Point

Elizabeth Born May 20, 1786, married William Hamlin of Providence on April 2, 1810, died at Providence on December 28, 1852

Ezra Bowen and Elizabeth Viall

Ezra Bowen was born July 4, 1770. Married Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel and Patience Viall on September 18, 1792. Died April 23, 1824 when he washed overboard from the ship "Sarah Ralston" under his command. Patience Viall was born May 17, 1771. She died July 28, 1844 and is buried in the lot of her son, William at Laurel Hill in Philadelphia

The Children of Ezra and Elizabeth Viall were:

John Viall Born January 28, 1794. Died June 17, 1795 and is buried in Providence

William Ezra Born June 8, 1797

Henry Franklin Born July 4, 1799 (on 13th street) in Philadelphia, Married Louisa, daughter of Jacobus and Mary Flammaud(?) on July 5, 1825. Henry died February 22, 18?? and Louisa died April 22, 1891?

George Washington Born July 31, 1800 in Philadelphia at (61 Ship, ???) Died October 25, 1867 at Cralgollis(?) Connecticut and is buried in old burying ground at Windham Connecticut

William Ezra Bowen and Elizabeth Kirtley

William Ezra Born June 8, 1797 (at 206 N 2nd Street, Philadelphia). Married Mary Ridge Haylander, of (O?xford) North Carolina on July 3, 1821. She died April 9, 1833 in Manchester, England. William then married Elizabeth Kirtley, daughter of George and Elizabeth Kirtley on May 21, 1834 at the Parish Church at Briaell, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Elizabeth Kirtley was born June 23, 1811.

The Children of William Ezra and Mary Ridge Haylander were:

Augustus (?Asa Murford?) Born February 22, 1822 Died August 31, 1878?

Elizabeth Born November 21, 1827 and died April 6, 18(30?)

Ezra Born December 16, 1830, married Elizabeth Brown(?) Wilde(?) on October 13, 1858

The Children of William Ezra and his second wife Elizabeth Kirtley were:

George Kirtley Born May 12, 1835 at Manchester, England

William Born April 25, 1837 and killed at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run on August 30, 1862

Mary Elizabeth Born May 20, 1838, married October 28, 1857 to William G. Boultan(?)

Edward Roscoe Born October 16, 1839, married April 4, 1872 to Katherine. Moore Mather, daughter of Joseph and Ann Mather

Gertrude Born June 10, 1841

Arthur Born Jan 3, 1843, married to Gertrude, daughter of Alex Coventry, Rochdale, England on August 2, 1823

Charles Hassall Born Jan 24, 1849, married on November 22, 1883 to Marjaretla, daughter of John R. Hester in (Paltstan?) PA.

Henry Cleveland Born April 21, 1846, married August 8, 1876 to Laura, daughter of Sam & Rachel Carhuff

Esther Kirtley Born June 3, 1849

Anna Kirtley Born August 1, 1851

George Kirtley Bowen and Virginia Glipin Smith

George Kirtley Bowen Born May 12, 1835 in Manchester, England. Married Virginia Glipin Smith on November 17, 1862. (Virginia was born March 13, 18?? and she died November 11, 1872 and is buried in Hartford county, Maryland) George married his second wife, Harriet Morgan Harmer, daughter of Judge Asa P. Harmer on October 23, 187?. (Harriet was born in 1842).

The Children of George and Virginia were:

Elizabeth Born December 16, 1863

George Kirtley, Jr. Born March 24, 1865

Milton Smith Born April 21, 1866

(Thomas?) Wharter Born September 9, 1867

Charles Hassell Born July 16, 1869

The Children of George and Harriet were:

Virginia Glipin Born August 10, 1875

Asa Harmer Born July 28, 1877

Russell Heppard Born April 5, 188?

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