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This Home Page will probably always be under construction, or at least in a constant state of change.


This primary purpose of my home page is to get me acquainted with HTML.

I also want to share my interests with any of you who may be likewise interested.

Who Am I?

I am a 60+ year old Field Biologist and Photographer who has only been able to find work since college in computing (see my on line resume). For the past 10 years, I have worked as a Unix Systems Adminstrator or equivalent and I currently works for AT&T in a support role on the graveyard shift. (Support role - they don't wake me up when I am sleeping :D )

Evenings and weekends I am an owner of Pizza Works and of Kingsgate Enterprises, Inc. (a Computer Consulting and Sales company.)

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I am married and have three children: an 25 year old son, a 28 year old daughter with a new a 3 year old and an 8 year old. I may need to update photos - this one is of the 8 year old at 2 months Picture of Miriam Picture of Kayla, Miriam and Christina

and a 30 year old daughter who has a 14 year old daughter .

In addition to the children who don't all live continually at home, we have the assorted varmits that children "like to care for" but don't seem to have room for. Presently, a dog, rabbit, a ugly fish, and an geko lizard.

My wife and I were Girl Scout Leaders and Volunteers for many years, well since our oldest daughter was in second grade. We kind of dropped Girl Scouts when we bought Pizza Works.

My Interests:

My Family, Pacific Northwest Native Plants, Genealogy, Computers & the Internet, Photography, Girl Scouts, Camping and Outdoor Activities

Created: November 26, 1995

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