Greetings!  You have stumbled into the Mythical part of this web page that I've been making.  This site is like any other growing site and it is under constrution.  But any how, This is about Mythical things, and magical things, and just stuff I've made up in the past.  I hope I'll get more pictures some day, or if you people are so kind and give some to me.  I've found a place that has provided me with dragons icon, bars and ext. This wonderful place is Amber's Dragon Lair.  I'll have some links to sites the let me have pictures.  So I hope you enjoy this and if you are outraged at what I say (which might not make anyone outraged) then you can e-mail me.


Elves, Fair to most, and small for most.  Well, I kind of believe the human side of elves, you know fairer than most humans, little shorter, I mean they're like humans and they adapt to different suroundings too.  So I think there like humans.

But there is some myth about them being little fairy like creatures.  I don't really belive that they look like fairies, just maybe some poor soul was missguided and believed they looked like.  But I still think they look like Humans.


Faerie, or Fairy, are magical creatures, they are little magical folk.  They have wings of butterflies or Dragonflies, never met one so I don't know, and are very small.  How small are they?  That is a good question, I think they might be a little bigger than a adult's pinky.  I think they might be peaceful, but like I said never met one.   From thing I've whacthed and books I've read, they usully live in communities.  I don't know, I've never been captureed by fairies so I don't know how they live.  But some time I think, if I might understand right, they live outside in nature and avoid humans, so that's why I never meet one!


They are, short people who usually working in mines.  I expect they're very minners too!  It seems like if they are not in the mines that there on some weird adventure with Hobits, Wizards, and Elves!


Who ever came up with the idea of pixies weren't very, uh, orginal, because there just like they're just like faeries, but a little more playful.  I think they live in communities too.  But I haven't really found myself face to face with one so I can't really say.  But I heard that if you followed one it would get you more lost than you were already.


Pixies are like faries, but I would never say I don't beleive in them, because they might fall down dead, and I don't want to be responsible for death of anything or anyone I haven't met yet.  Well, like pixies and faries, they have wings, like butterfly wings and they are pratically the same how I understood it.  But I think Sprites are much more troublsim of the three.

Now when you think of Trolls you think of little dolls with weird hair and jewels in there belly button.  Well, when I think of trolls I think of ghastly little creature, or giant creatures, (doesn't make a difference they both have very bad atitudes,) that live under bridges.  I think these guys are pretty stinky and rotten, little or giant fellows, how ever you view it.  I get this information from most stories, like The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and there were a couple of others.


Gaints are Gaint humans, but in this catagory there are also giant birds and other thing so I can't say they're just gaint humans.  But usually most gaint things aren't usully called gaints, but usually the gaint humans are.

Gaint Spiders


Now giant Spiders are one thing I've read about.  In the "Hobbit" there were some in some movies; in the orginal movie of the Fly there was one,  but I don't think the movies The Fly counts.  In the "Hobbit", in the forest they ran into some giant spiders.


A simple and logical explaination of Zombies are the living dead which include: Vampires, ghosts and Zobies.  These things are told to eat brains and after that the brainless corps goes out and eats other brains.  That gives me a new meaning on "I wish I had a Brain."


These creatures of the night are part of the living dead, which I explained up above.  From different myths and legends I'm quite confused.  There are some that suck blood, some who are fasinated by pointless things like seeds and others are evil and souless.  But usually the evil and souless on are Zombies.


Paranormal things, sometimes thought that they're demons.  But actualy they're pretty much turtured souls,  or things that havn't full filled there life dream so they do that in their after life.


These are things from hell.  They vary on shape and sizes, found all over the world.  There's not much on these guys other than they're pretty ugly and scary.


Very simmlar to the Minitors, those guys with bulls head.  They're from Irish myths, I think.  They Have horse heads and eat alot, from what I understand.


Little elf like people also from irish myths.  They have pots of gold and are very tricky.  They're joyfull people.


Those are guys who use magic alot.  They have special powers and are either evil or good.  They have realms of magic, the White which is good, and the Black which is the bad one.  White magic and Black magic and can't really tell the diference of, If some one could tell me I would listen!


Theese creatures are much like ghosts.  But, I think Banshees take people's life away, or turn people into stone?  No that was Madusa that turned people into stone.  So, I think they are like Goblins the messenger of Death, I believe, or I am one of those missguided people!